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Most people think first of the Grand Canyon when you say Arizona. Either that or the "dry" heat. But, my favorite part of the state isn't the Grand Canyon (as magnificient as it is) but the far north of Arizona including Vermillion Cliffs, Book Cliffs, Lee's Ferry, Marble Canyon, and Lake Powell. It's an area that offers dramatic landscapes, world-class trout fishing at Lee's Ferry, and re-introduced condors at Vermillion Cliffs. Arizona is an amazingly diverse state in terms of topography; most think only of the desert but the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world is resident in "The Grand Canyon State". And, I haven't even gotten to the starry, starry nights like no others, the slot canyons, and the rolling grassy hills in the southeast.

Nevertheless, there will be a few images from both the south and north rim of Grand Canyon. And, Grand it is.

Vermillion Cliffs
Waterhole Canyon
Petroglyphs in Marble Canyon
Winter Afternoon at Book Cliffs +
Navajo Bridge +
Navajo Bridge
Vermillion Cliffs Panoramic +
Vermillion Cliffs +
Navajo Horses
Desert View Watch Tower
Grand Canyon from Desert Watch Tower +
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