Doug Beezley Photography | Pacific Northwest - Seattle and Victoria, BC

The images found here don't fit into my usual national parks type locations but there are some photos I hope you'll find of interest - maybe even in a whimsical way.

Both cities are beautiful gems and deserve a "chamber of commerce" treatment. They didn't get that here but only because I haven't had the opportunity to do so. I will in the future, though.

Miss Bumbershoot
The Space Needle
They were that good!
The Space Needle
Makes a Coppersmith Proud
Experience in the Shadows
Experience Music Project
Experience Music Project Building
Experience Meets Science Fiction
He's Got Lots of Little World's in His Hands
Space Needle Park for Bumbershoot
Still more Bumbershoot
My Favorite
The Chorus Line
Nighttime in Seattle
Gig Harbor Kayaks
Twilight on Mt. Rainier +
Sunset on Mt. Rainier from Gig Harbor +
Butchart Gardens 1 - Victoria
Butchart Gardens 2  - Victoria, BC
Butchart Gardens 3 - Victoria, BC
Burchart Gardens 4 - Victoria, BC
Nighttime Whimsy
Lights by the Harbor - Victoria, BC
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