Doug Beezley Photography | The Puppies

This is strictly a personal indulgence featuring puppies that have shared our home and made it a more comfortable place. No show dogs here although we have been very proud of "The Puppies" and always thought they were real champions and wonderful, loving and lovable companions. And, they were - and are.

Ben the Border Collie
The Great "Fang"
Christmas Puppy
Charlie on High Alert
Back from the "Beauty" and NOT Happy
Sam Posing
Charlie Awake
Chuck Nodding Off
Sam - Thinking!
Paul and the Puppies
Molly Getting Her Scratches
Chuck the Snooze Master
Frisbee Dog
Christmas Puppies
Aren't I Handsome
The "Dino"
Teri and the Puppies
Meet Sophie
Sam & Sophie
Figuring Things Out
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