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Everyone has favorites - favorite foods, favorite books, favorite teams...

Here are my favorite images - favorite not so much because they are artistic successes but because I simply like them. Some I like because the location is a personal favorite like Rocky Mountain National Park or Grand Teton NP. Others have become a "favorite" because they remind me of a special time with friends or family. Some are favorites because I had to work hard to get the shot and still others because the image turned out and I was just plain lucky. Others are a favorite because of the subject. I doubt anyone will be able to successfully analyze me by viewing and reviewing my favorites - they're random like most of us.
Official 2011 Crested Butte Wildflower Festival Poster +
Red Paintbrush
Amicolola Falls
Private Garden +
Here Comes the Storm +
Miss Bumbershoot
Elk on the Firehole River +
Sunrise on Black Sand Basin +
Winter Afternoon at Book Cliffs - Arizona +
Colorful Fence Line
Red Mountain No. 2 - Colorado
Grey Copper Gulch - Colorado +
Dogwood 01
Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus
Madison Falls
North Barn on Mormon Row  +
Old Veteran Cypress +
Sneffels Range +
Taxiing +
Paradise Ridge +
Red Mountains #1 and #2 +
Sunset on Second Beach
Gothic Mountain +
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