Doug Beezley Photography | Southern Utah - Northern Arizona - November 2011

The trip to the national parks of southern Utah, Bryce and Zion, and the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona was originally a "throw-a-way" trip taking back seat to a planned fly-fishing outing at my favorite location, Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam. My original plan was to fly into Durango, CO and meet up with a long-time friend, drive to Lee's Ferry for a grand fishing trip then on to Zion National Park to meet up with LightChase Photography's tour of southern Utah and northern Arizona. The "perfect" plan. But, like all "perfect" plans this one ran into an unplanned obstacle - my friend from Durango had to make a change in his plans that took him to Hawaii instead. What a sacrifice. And, I thought of him the morning it was 3 degrees at Bryce National Park, and the morning it was 11 and the wind was a steady 40 mph. Kona showed a high of 82 with gentle tradewinds.

Losing the fishing portion of my grand plan was tough enough but focusing on the photo tour elements more than made up for any fishing shortfall. I had been to both Zion and Bryce before and thoroughly disliked both. Not because they were a physical disappointment but because of the crowds in the summertime when I had first visited both. I remembered wall-to-wall people, traffic jams, shuttle buses, 45 minute waits to eat and endless tour buses disgorging herds of people.

What I found this time was magnificant natural beauty, almost no people, no lines, and a thoroughly rewarding and revealing experience. New friends were made, new experiences were had and a new perspective was put into place.

Late Afternoon on The Virgin River
Sunrise on The Pine
Zion Sunrise
Pine Creek Sunrise
Beehive Reflections
Pine Creek Switchbacks +
Switchbacks Above Pine Creek +
Virgin Wilderness
Horse Tails
Yin & Yang
Sunstar in Zion
Zion Monolith
The Red Asphalt Road
Perfect Combination
Zion Beauty
Virgin Color
Virgin Autumn
Fall on The Virgin River
Pine Creek Sunset 1
Pine Creek Sunset 2
Pine Creek Sunset 3
Mount Moroni
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