Doug Beezley Photography | Starry Nights - July 2014

This is a very small gallery with very large ambitions - at least, for me. All the images in this gallery were captured during a night photography workshop I attended in Jackson, Wyoming in July 2014.

The impetus for attending the workshop started while on a photo tour of Yosemite National Park in February 2013 where I got my first taste of night photography. The interest grew as I participated in a photo tour of Iceland in February and March of 2014 where our principal objective was to photograph the Northern Lights. And, photograph them we did! But, while the experience of photographing the Aurora was unforgettable, the quality of most of my photographs was, unfortunately, forgettable. Not all failed the "eyeball" test but enough did that made me want to learn the fine details of night photography.

Enter David Kingham, fellow Coloradan (expatriate now like me) who specializes in night photography and operates workshops to share his skill, expertise and passion for the night sky. David's workshop was four days and three nights in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming with field instruction and shooting as well as classroom review and post-processing instruction. Without getting into minutiae, David delivered as promised and I'm now even more "hooked" on night photography. The only downside to this new-found interest is where I live. There are no dark skies in the southeastern US and the further exercise of night photography will require me to travel to the West (Oh, darn). So, keep watching for more additions to this gallery in the coming months as I travel to Colorado principally to photograph the fall color and then to Utah to see if I can capture the magic of the Milky Way in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Here's some brief technical information about the images that the photo-curious would be looking for: camera - Nikon D800E, lens - Nikkor 14-24 mm f2.8, ISO 6400, white balance - 3700 K, aperture setting - f2.8, exposure time - all but the String Lake image were 30 seconds. Info about that image is included with the image.

When you view the images, please click directly on each image to give you an enlarged view - the larger the size the better and more interesting they look. Just use the back arrow on your browser to return to the gallery. Several of the image titles are quotes from the song, "Saturn" by Sleeping at Last.
"...light carries on endlessly..."
"...the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes..."
The Milky Way From Mormon Row
"In The Quiet of the Night"
"Reaching for the Stars"
"In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.."
"Almost heaven..."
"...where no man has gone before..."
" rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist"
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