Doug Beezley Photography | A Colorado Fall - 2011

Serendipity. That's the one word that would describe my nearly annual pilgrammage to Colorado to experience and photograph Fall in the high country this year.

Everything that happened, everything I did, every occurance turned into an unexpected pleasure; even when it started out as a mis-adventure or unhappy beginning. The unfortunate beginning was the result of a good friend and fellow traveler having to cancel his trip with me due to health concerns. What I had hoped would be two old guys roaming around the Rockies became one old guy freelancing his way through a most spectacular display of autumn color. And, never has "freelancing" been so much fun and so completely rewarding, personally, as well as photographically.

Everywhere I went, Aspen, Capitol Peak, Ashcroft, Crested Butte, Kebler Pass, Ohio Pass, the Cimarron Valley, Owl Creek Pass, Ridgway and Ouray and the various Ouray County roads: 1, 5, 7, 9, 24, Last Dollar Road, Red Mountain Pass, as well as some unmarked trails I found great fall color and even greater fun meeting an assortment of photographers from amateur to professional, from Texas to Tokyo, while traveling those roads to various destinations.

And, along the way, another "not as old" friend met up with me in Ouray so we could conquer some previously undriven high mountain passes in his "Yellow Beast" as well as traverse a familiar pass in the snow.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself so go ahead, take a look at this year's crop harvested from the golden aspen trees of my home state.
At the End of the Road +
Sneffels Range Panoramic +
Along County Route 5
Mt. Sneffels
Mt. Sneffels
Sneffels & Storm +
Blue Lakes Trailhead Meadow +
Crystal "Perfect"
Crystal Lake Panoramic
Above Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake
Above Crystal Lake
Yankee Girl Mine
Longfellow Mine
Longfellow Mine
Longfellow Mine
On The Way Up Engineer Pass
San Juan Chief Mill
Darley Mountain
Darley Mountain +
From Atop Engineer Pass
The View From Engineer Mountain +
Last Dollar Road
Quiet Grove - Heath Ranch
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