Doug Beezley Photography | A "Fab Four" Fall - Colorado 2018

Fall photo shoots in Colorado are a semi-annual event for me and even though I've done this innumerable times it never gets old.

More often than not, I've been a solitary photographer wandering through locations such as Rocky Mountain National Park, the Elk Mountains, West Elk Mountains along with locations surrounding Crested Butte such as the East River Valley, Brush Creek Road, Kebler and Ohio Passes and finally the San Juan Mountains and all the county roads that are passable. On occasion, I've had a friend with me and several times, several friends. This particular journey included four friends from Michigan who, while having their own distinct personalities, are collectively known to me as "The Fab Four". Follow our journey that started in the Aspen area, proceeded to Marble and Crystal Mill and then to the Crested Butte area. Finishing our itinerary was a journey through the Cimarron River Valley and the San Juans including various county roads, the Million Dollar Highway and Last Dollar Road.
Last Dollar Ranch
The Grove
Last Dollar Overlook
Last Dollar Overlook
Utah's Over There
"Nightmares & Geezenstacks"
Inside the Geezenstack
Pick-up Sticks
Chaos Theory
Leaning on Last Dollar
Last Look at the Geezenstacks
Last Dollar Color
Wilson Mesa
Last Dollar Road
Wilson Mesa
The Line and The Mesa
Last Dollar Barn
The Powerhouse & Bridal Veil Falls
The Powerhose & Bridal Veil Falls
Below Bridal Veil
Mine Tailing Pond
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake & Red Mountain
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