Doug Beezley Photography | Colorado - Utah Fall 2012

My annual fall pilgrammage to Colorado took on a couple of new dimensions for 2012; first, instead of this being my usual "solo" trip, I acted as "location consultant" for the Colorado portion of LightChase Photography Tour Company's "Colorado-Utah Fall 2012" tour and secondly, a "Whitman's Sampler" (LightChase president's description) of Utah national parks was added to the tour.

At the last minute, because of earlier than normal leaf color changes in the aspen forests of Colorado, we completely changed the itinerary to start in Colorado and end in Utah rather than starting in Utah and Colorado. And, it was an excellent decision and we enjoyed outstanding aspen color throughout the tour.

Colorado tour location highpoints included: Aspen, Marble, Kebler Pass, Crested Butte, Ohio Pass, Cimarron Valley, True Grit (Kate's) Meadow, Red Mountain Pass area, various Ouray County roads and the Mt. Wilson overlook near Telluride.

Our Utah itineray included Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks as well as Dixie National Forest . My favorite - Canyonlands. The view from the "Green River Overlook" is "other-worldly" and let me imagine I was on the surface of Mars.

Enjoy the journey.

Morning at Maroon Lake
Aspen Gold
Aspen in the Mist +
Independence Pass Pond
The West Elk Mountains +
West Elk Aspen
Owen, Ruby and The Dyke
Doom and Gloom
Ruby Peak & The Dyke
Ruby Peak +
The Color Starts
Ruby Peak Lighting Up
Light over Horse Park
Ruby Sunset
West Elk Mountains +
The Belt of Venus +
Independence Pass Aspen
Cold Spring Ranch
The Castles
Ohio Creek Valley
Cimarron Valley Aspen
Beaver Lake Boles +
Big Mesa Glory +
Big Mesa +
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